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Oral Cancer Screening

Monitor and Reduce Your Risk for Oral Cancer

Regular oral cancer screenings provide effective monitoring of your oral cancer risk factors. Your Exton dentist uses the ViziLite®️ Plus system to identify and mark any abnormalities in your mouth.

The value of early diagnosis

Advance detection can significantly improve your treatment success. We provide a visual examination during your annual dental examinations and teeth cleanings.

We thoroughly check your mouth, lips, and tongue. The visual screening combined with the ViziLite®️ Plus system allows us to spot any suspicious tissue or pre-cancerous lesions.

  • Quick, easy, and time-saving during your scheduled appointment
  • Low-impact technology provides a thorough check of your mouth
  • Disposable for safety following examination

Know your symptoms

Oral cancer may not be painful initially. Be aware of any abnormalities in your mouth or related symptoms.

  • Lesions or growths on one side of your mouth
  • Mouth sores that are slow to heal
  • White or red areas in your mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing

Contact your Exton dentist with your oral cancer questions or concerns. Schedule an oral cancer screening as part of your next dental examination and teeth cleaning.

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