Solution for Total Tooth Replacement

Dentures are a removable option to replace your missing or damaged teeth. They are customized for a comfortable fit and full functionality.

People who have these types of prosthetic teeth are able to take them in and out of their mouths at their own month leisure. They look and feel more realistic than ever before. Although they take some time to get used to, they are almost as similar as real teeth.

Cost-effective Treatment for Tooth Loss

Dentures help restore your tooth function as a result of tooth loss. Also the treatment enhances your facial appearance and reduces the impact of missing teeth on your lifestyle.

Dentures usually consist of replacement teeth attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases. Your dentist designs your denture for a comfortable fit and full functionality.

No Dental Insurance? No Problem!

We offer a Membership Savings Club for patients without insurance.

Types of Dentures

Full dentures restore your dental function if you lose, or desire to replace, all of your teeth. Partials are available if you prefer to replace one or more of your missing teeth.  Additionally, there are different options when it comes to each type. Our Exton dentist will help you decide which style is right for you, accordingly.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Restore the function of your teeth
  • Maintain ability to chew, speak and bite
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Regain confidence
  • Long-lasting
  • May improve your speech

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