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Dental Crowns

Restore Your Missing or Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns restore your tooth function and appearance. The restorative dentistry procedure covers your tooth damage with a natural looking treatment.

Full coverage that saves your tooth

Your dental crown covers the visible surface of your tooth. The tooth colored restoration helps prevent further damage to your teeth and gums.

A natural looking restoration

Dental crowns are typically crafted from porcelain. The visible portion covers the surface of your tooth to blend naturally with your surrounding teeth.

We use the highest quality metals, such as Gold and Palladium, to craft your dental crown. This attention to detail helps assure that your crown will last and fit more precisely on your tooth structure.

Support for your additional dental procedures

Dental crowns are also commonly used alongside dental implant treatment. Your crown forms the visible, new tooth on top of your dental implant.

Contact your Exton dentist about dental crowns. Schedule a consultation to discuss replacing your missing or damaged tooth.

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